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Blogger was OK to get a blog started for the first time but after about a year I decided that I needed something a little more professional in look and functionality. So here we are, my first post in my new style blog in WordPress. It’s early days and a bit of tweaking of style and functionality is needed but I’ll get there over the next week or so.

After a few hours of “cutting and pasting”, all the content from my old Blogger blog has been moved across to this blog so no posts are lost but unfortunately all previous post comments and replies have not been possible to carry across to WordPress.

If you are reading this on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s because this blog is connected so that all posts are shared across all media platforms. However, I suspect it will be some time before it appears in browser Search, so expect the old Blogger blog to remain visible in Search for a while.

So here we are, ready to go again. Expect the occasional blog post about my views and comment about Hotel life, Travel experiences, Marketing issues and occasionally favourite Wines with a few unexpected issues thrown in. This new blog is not going to be self-serving and indulgent. I’ll share it across our hotel websites and so it will be read by existing and potential customers. I’ll try and include posts which give a flavour of the personality of our hotels and issues which will help customers get the most out of any planned visit to Edinburgh or Dunfermline….especially if you plan to stay with us at BEST WESTERN PLUS Bruntsfield Hotel or BEST WESTERN PLUS Keavil House Hotel.

As any amateur blogger knows, the biggest challenge is creating interesting things to say and share. Be patient and I’ll promise to post regular articles which don’t cause you to “click” to another site or press “Delete”.

Enjoy reading the occasional “Views from an Edinburgh hotel”.

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